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About Me

My name is Sharon Cannon I'm an experienced and multi-certified Yoga Teacher and Massage therapist in the Ashford, Surrey area, I am fully insured to practise all the treatments on offer.

Yoga isn't about how flexible you are and which poses you can or can't do, it's about finding something that benefits your body and that you like coming back to everyday.

It's a perfect place to connect your mind, body and soul.
Each class is a delicate balance of yoga from the past and present, infusing modern sequences with classical hatha yoga postures and pranayama breathing techniques. This combination of postures and breath work will remove stagnant energy from the body, mind and spirit.

I have been practising yoga for over a two decades with practice in Hatha, Asthanga, Anusara, JM Vinyasa, Dharma, Forrest, and Iyengar yoga disciplines. I try to combine ancient yoga teachings with modern sequences to create a beautiful blend of past and present.
I try to teach in a way that will show you how to respect your own body, work to your own limitations and reach the best of your ability, you will feel amazing.

We have a lighthearted class structure with attention to detail and practice through informed sequences, I incorporate precise cues and pose breakdowns, compassionate adjustments and relevant alignment instruction, I will encourage you to breathe, focus and do your best, take breaks as needed and over time the classes will flow with ease.
My aim is to help students understand the movements of their bodies and the path to personal growth and to find the centre of themselves each time they step on the mat.

I have a love of teaching and helping students find a deeper sense of awareness and connection to the present moment and move in a way that allows them to build a trust and understanding in themselves.

Always looking to deepen my own practice, I continue to learn from masters in various disciplines and continue to educate myself with further studies and daily practice.

I do not pretend to know it all about yoga, nor can I tie myself in knots as some of the pictures on facebook and instagram now have you believing that's what we do in yoga ! I'm simply a person who is passionate about yoga and has witnessed first hand the miraculous effects it can have on the body (and I love being upside down;)).
Holistic therapies involve working with the whole person, physiological, psychological and spiritual.

I have also used holistic therapies personally for many years, both yoga and therapies not only bring peace and harmony to our lives but they help us to be happy and healthy naturally and provide the groundwork of all !  
I believe that health can be achieved naturally if the body is given enough tlc and the right tools it can achieve balance.

After a long day at work, no matter what you do, on your feet all day, lugging around heavy tools, sat at a desk all day, your body will feel the effects ! Staying in one position for too long or over use of the muscles will cause you pain, and tension, you may experience a stiff neck, pain in your shoulders and lower back ! Those aches and pains are the body's way of saying "take it easy !" ignoring those signs could be costly to your health ! all of our yoga classes and therapies are perfect for creating harmony and balance throughout the body, mind and soul, relieving the stresses and strains of every day life and creating a relaxed, healthy, happy new you !

For further details please contact me on 07515766163 or email

(more classes are being added all the time so please keep checking back)

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