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Corporate Yoga
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We  offer classes and workshops suitable for your workplace, conference, team building event, employee wellbeing program, product launch, sports event, festival or even something more intimate for your birthday we have a bespoke class to suit you! 

Our Private Group Yoga Program is uniquely designed for your needs. 

The Yoga we teach is simply a way to make you feel more human again – a welcome addition to any situation!

On a mental plane, yoga can relieve symptoms of stress and negativity. 
It can help to restore a positive balance with a sense of calm and focus, increasing chances for effective concentration and productivity levels, at work. 
Practised on a regular basis, students will discover countless physical, mental and emotional benefits, which may be taken back to work or home with them. 

Regular practise can result in
  • Increased energy levels and performance
  • Increased concentration, focus and performance
  • Enhanced communication skills and team building
  • Reduced sick days by improving general health
  • Improving employee morale and work satisfaction
  • Increased physical and mental well-being 

Our classes are ideal as regular weekly classes for groups of colleagues and friends. We also offer a bespoke planning service for classes for team building events, conferences, product launches and private event
We take the stress out of hosting on-site classes 

After sitting at a desk for a period of time your body starts to shift out of alignment, shoulders hunch, lower back collapses, hips tense as the muscles in the legs shorten and contract, the spine compresses and circulation deteriorates but yoga will help to lengthen and increase a healthy flow of energy which results in the reinvigoration of the entire nervous system. 

A typical corporate yoga class will include and introduction to simple controlled breathing techniques to help during times of stress and to relax the body and mind.
A carefully structured series of stretches and poses suitable for all levels to work on building strength, creating suppleness and flexibility throughout the body, to tone and lengthen your key muscle groups, with a detailed explanation of how the postures benefit the body, especially in the workplace.  
The session will finish with a guided blissful relaxation to enhance the effects of the workout.
(These can be tailor-made to suit the needs of the organisation)

45 minute class - £50-£75 depending on class size
60 minute class - £65 - £100 depending on class size

Classes maybe subsidised by the company, partially subsidised or paid for by staff in which case an individual price per attendee will be arranged, please contact me for clarification. 

Please contact me with any questions or for further information.

Classes are open to everyone, you don't need any kind of previous yoga experience.  It is adaptable to suit all ages, body types, physical challenges and fitness levels. 

It is easy to convert daily workspace into a refuge for inner peace, conference rooms are easy to adapt for classes, furniture can be moved to the side to create a large space, desk yoga is accessible to every office, we can also use entrance ways, foyers, corners, perimeters around desks, office lounge, folding screens can always be added for extra privacy if required. 

Yoga Mats are provided for use during the sessions, but you are welcome to bring your own if you have one.  
We do have a number of foam blocks and cotton straps available to help assist with postures.

We recommend that you wear loose, comfortable clothing that you can move in easily. However, staff are welcome to remain in their work attire if it’s easier and postures will be adapted to suit individual clothing (skirts should be avoided though). 

If you have never done Yoga before, we have a few pointers to get you started.
If you have any physical ailments, please make sure you let the teacher know before the lesson! They can offer advice or alternative postures.  

Additional Yoga Therapies we are also able to offer in the workplace include Desk Yoga, Relaxation Classes, Yoga Nidra, Half day/full day workshops. 

"We are delighted that you are able to provide our company with a weekly Yoga at Lunch session in our offices. I am hugely grateful that you have been willing to be flexible enough to accommodate our requirements in terms of the lunch timing and the office meeting room environment in which we ask you to teach. I am personally grateful that you are always reliable and 'just get on with it' without any supervision or requirement from me when you arrive and get set up for the classes. I know that you have established some regulars to your sessions who are always delighted after class and I know that there are plenty of people who attend ad-hoc who are really happy to have the flexibility to do so. Thank you again for being so accommodating and we look forward to working with you into 2015."
Sally PawsonAmazon, Slough
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