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“We are delighted that you are able to provide our company with a weekly Yoga at Lunch session in our offices.  I am hugely grateful that you have been willing to be flexible enough to accommodate our requirements in terms of the lunch timing and the office meeting room environment in which we ask you to teach.  I am personally grateful that you are always reliable and 'just get on with it' without any supervision or requirement from me when you arrive and get set up for the classes.  I know that you have established some regulars to your sessions who are always delighted after class and I know that there are plenty of people who attend ad-hoc who are really happy to have the flexibility to do so.  Thank you again for being so accommodating and we look forward to working with you into 2015.” 
 “Thank you so much for coming to our offices and offering our staff the choice of a Chair Massage, Reflexology and Yoga sessions.  We ran this Wellbeing Day to provide our staff with the opportunity to experience some relaxation and relief from their day jobs which mainly entail sitting at a desk.  After the day I received nothing but positive feedback and my staff really seemed to enjoy the therapies and benefit from the sessions you ran.  I would also like to add that it was a pleasure to work with you on the arrangements as the communications with you were efficient and well organized, this makes my job so much easier in promoting such an event to my staff. We look forward to working with you again later in the year.”
“Thank you so much for coming in yesterday, it was such a great day and so simple to organize.  The overwhelming feedback has been very positive and I think that everyone really enjoyed and felt the benefit from the day.  I suspect it might be something we can run again later in the year.”
“Thank you again for last week – it was a huge success”
“Thank you very much Sharon for the corporate desk exercise presentation you did for my team of 140 staff. As most of us sit at our desks all day, every day, the stretches and movements you showed us are of benefit to everyone in that room.  We received lots of positive feedback after the session and I was so happy to see that you managed to engage everyone in the room.  Additionally, the hour-long yoga session that you hosted for the smaller group was received very well.  My colleagues felt that you really know your stuff and came away from the session feeling relaxed and revitalized and looking really happy.  I can’t wait to have you back to host similar sessions in the future, thanks again.”
“..Wanted to say how much I enjoyed the desk yoga, I have trouble with my joints and mobility so I was really looking forward to this session, hoping it would give me some exercises that would help me to feel a bit more comfortable at my desk.  The instructor was very clear and demonstrated exercises first to allow us to understand how to perform them before doing them along with us, and there was a good variety of different types of movements that collectively worked the whole body.  The thing I liked most of all was that even as someone who has joint trouble and has never attempted yoga of any kind before I could still do most of the movement correctly – and there was still plenty of room to improve and increase the intensity – so it felt very inclusive.  The exercises really did help to loosen up the stiffness and stretch out tired muscles, and afterwards I felt quite energised!”
“Great session, definitely stretched me out”
“Loved it!”
“It was awesome! Just wished I could have stayed for the whole thing.  Feel really nicely stretched out, and particularly liked that there were a lot of moves to specifically address problems associated with long periods of sitting/typing.”
“Amazing! Thanks”
“I really enjoyed the session! I found it really relaxing and was glad that it started at beginner level as I have only ever done yoga once before.  I also think it’s a great idea splitting into two parts for people who can’t do the full lunch hour.  I will definitely be coming to the next one! “
“Delightful! Very relaxing and I feel better after the much needed stretch.”
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