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Photo Consent Form
Occasionally, we may take photographs and/or video of you/your child at our classes, we would occasionally like to use these images in our flyers or in other printed publications that we produce as well as on our website and social media pages (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter). Please check if you are happy for us to:-
Photograph your image?
Photograph your child's image ?
Record your image on video?
Record your child's image on video?
Please check all that apply where you consent to the use of pictures/video of you/your child being used.
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Indigo Yoga & Therapies other printed publications
I grant permission for photographs and/or video of me/my child to be used in the formats indicated above.
Name of Parent
Name of Child
Please read the Conditions of use as signing and submitting this form is your agreement with all.
Pupils Signature (if over 12)

Conditions of Use

1. We will not use the personal details or names of any child or adult in a photographic image or video on our website, social media sites, in our promotional materials, or in any of our other printed publications.

2. We will not include personal e-mail or postal addresses, or telephone or fax numbers on video, on our website, social media sites, in our promotional materials or in any of our other printed publications. 

3. We may include pictures of pupils and adults that have been drawn by the pupils.

4. We may use group or class photographs or footage with very general labels, such as "a butterfly" or "roar like a lion"

5. We will only use images of students who are suitably dressed to reduce the risk of images being used inappropriately.
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