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Workshops are one off sessions where we focus on specific groups of related asanas (for example arm balances) or study other limbs of yoga such as Nida and Meditation.  Some of these Workshops will be longer sessions so that we can go into further details regarding specifics.

Courses will be run over 4-8 weeks focusing on specific areas such as core work or for example pregnancy courses.

More Workshops and Courses are added all the time, please stay in touch via the website or social media to have the opportunity to book on these ! 

Birth Preperation Workshop
These sessions are for couples preparing for the birth of their baby. 
They address:
  • Breathing techniques for the stages of labour
  • Asana and massage to aid during the stages of labour
  • Visualisation
  • active birth positions
  • use of the birth ball

    Primarily aimed at students who have attended pregnancy yoga class, these workshops would also be suitable for anyone interested in learning more about natural birth, whether you are planning a home, birthing centre or hospital birth. 
  • A popular part of the class is always the massage!
    Birth preparation workshops are held throughout the year and can be arranged on request.
    Please contact me to book your place, or if you would like to organise a birth preparation class on an individual basis.

    Meditation Workshop

    Our 4 week meditation course covers a wide range of techniques and tools for self-help.
    Contact me to add your name to the waiting list

    Meditation is not just about calmness, but a complete cycle – staying aware and awake to what is going on. Then you turn your awareness inward and begin the cycle over, and over.

    • Physical: Meditation can bring about an overall state of relaxation, release stress, promote healing, reduce the intensity of pain, decrease heart and respiration rates, lower blood pressure, and help you perform better in physical activities.
    • Mental: Through observing your thoughts, you become more aware of the present and less focused on the past or future. This may help you perform day-to-day tasks more attentively and effectively.
    • Emotional: When you take the time to observe your reactions to your thoughts and acknowledge the feelings that may have been lying dormant within you, your mind becomes calm.
    • Spiritual: Meditation can help you better understand yourself and your purpose of being, connect with something larger than yourself, and understand those around you through simple awareness.

    Meditation can help with:
    • Well Being - mind body spirit
    • Healing
    • Learning
    • Stress Management

    Through deep relaxation, stress relief, mind body balance, and more mental clarity to enhance decision making and creativity.

    As and when workshops are set up details will be posted online and via social media.
    Bookings are then to be made via online booking system Instabook, please note that spaces cannot be reserved, they are on a first come, first serve basis so make sure you book in advance! Payment can be made via the booking system, cash or cheque if paid in advance so funds are cleared before class.

    Please contact me  for more details. 

    Please see full Terms and Conditions for details regarding our cancellation policy for Workshops.

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